Kristen Cloke in 'Final Destination'
Kristen Cloke (1968 - )
Mrs. Glen Morgan
Space: Above and Beyond: Tell Our Moms We Did Our Best (1996) [Captain Shane Vansen]: Presumably burned to death during re-entry as her ship falls into the atmosphere. (This was the final episode of the series, so there was no confirmation as to whether or not she survived.) (Thanks to Peter)

The X-Files: The Field Where I Died (1996) [Melissa Rydell Ephesian]: Either commits suicide by drinking poison as part of a mass suicide, or is poisoned by Michael Massee. We last see her as Michael holds out the cup for her; their bodies are shown afterwards when David Duchovny discovers them. (Thanks to GR)

Final Destination (2000) [Valerie Lewton]: First stabbed in the throat with a shard of glass when her computer monitor explodes, then is stabbed in the chest when she accidentally pulls down a knife-rack in the kitchen, causing a knife to fall on her, after which a chair falls over and drives the knife home. (Thanks to Germboygel)

Black Christmas (2006) [Leigh Crosby Colvin]: Neck snapped by Dean Friss in the hospital. (Thanks to TravellingMan, Robert, EXXXposed, Domikate, Steve, Cody, and Andre)
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