Kristi Angus in 'Jason X'
Kristi Angus' death in 'Jason X'
Kristi Angus (1971 - )
Millennium: Force Majeure (1997) [Lauren/Carlin]: Playing a dual role as clones, "Lauren" commits suicide by setting herself on fire, and "Carlin" commits suicide by jumping from the top of a dam. (Thanks to Stephen)

Code Name Phoenix (2000) [Susan]: Shot to death by Phillip Jarrett. (Thanks to James)

Jill the Ripper (The Bone Ripper; The Leatherwoman; Tied Up) (2000) [Frances]: Shot to death by a man who had mistaken her for the killer, while she's wearing a leather mask and dominatrix outfit. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Jason X (2001) [Adrienne]: Frozen to death when Jason (Kane Hodder) dunks her face into liquid nitrogen; he then shatters her head against a counter. (Thanks to Germboygel, Jason and Michael)

Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep (2006) [Jenny]: Killed by the giant squid after it grabs her from the deck of Jack Scalia's boat. (Thanks to Stephen)

Mayday: Fog of War (2007) [Technical Sergeant Kelly]: Fatally injured in a plane crash; her death is confirmed by the narration declaring that she died on the way to the hospital. (Thanks to James)

Mayday: Beach Crash (2010) [Captain Michele Marks]: Killed in a plane crash after her plane loses a wing and goes into the ocean; her death is confirmed by the narration. (Thanks to James)
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