Kristy Swanson in 'Deadly Friend'
Kristy Swanson (1969 - )
Deadly Friend (1986) [Samantha Pringle]: Fatally injured when her father (Richard Marcus) throws her down a flight of stairs; she dies in the hospital after her life-support equipment is turned off. Matthew Laborteaux brings her back to life by implanting a robotic "brain" inside her brain, and she dies once again when Lee Paul shoots her in the chest as she rushes to attack him. Her body is shown afterwards in the morgue when Matthew comes back to try to resurrect her again, before the robot emerges from her body. (Thanks to Jason, Samantha, Zack, and Scott)

Tinseltown (1997) [Nikki Randall]: Decapitated (off-screen). (Thanks to Jason)

Zebra Lounge (2001) [Louise Bauer]: Killed in a car accident when Stephen Baldwin loses control of the car while she's fellating him; her body is shown afterwards when Stephen discovers that she's dead. (Thanks to Jason)
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