Kylie Minogue (1968 - )
Sister of Dannii Minogue
"Where the Wild Roses Grow" (1995) (music video): Hit on the head with a rock (off-screen) by Nick Cave on a river bank; her body is shown lying in the shallow water throughout the video (occasionally "coming back to life" to sing a verse). (This video is available on the 1998 compilation Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: The Videos.) (Thanks to The Midnight Club)

Cut (2000) [Hilary Jacobs]: Slashed to death after having her tongue cut out (all off-screen) with garden shears by Frank Roberts in her film-editing room. Her body is shown lying face-down afterwards.

Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned (2007) [Astrid Peth]: Falls to her death after knocking George Costigan into the ship's engine. David Tennant later attempts to bring her back through a teleportation matrix, but the restoration is only partially successful and she soon dissipates into atoms. (Thanks to Anime Dan and Kerry)
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Kylie Minogue in 'Where the Wild Roses Grow'
Song Lyrics Collection: Kylie Minogue