Lara Grice (with Justin Welborn) in 'The Final Destination'
Lara Grice (1971 - )
The Reaping (2007) [Isabelle]: Burned to death (along with everyone else in the cult) by supernatural forces when the final plague kills all the first-borns in the town. (I couldn't spot Lara in all the carnage once the final plague starts, but it's established that everyone in the town is a first-born child.)

The Final Destination (2009) [Cynthia Daniels, Racist's Wife]: Bisected at the waist by flying debris at the racetrack after a major crash. (Shown in Bobby Campo's premonition, in which Justin Welborn is also killed; her actual death occurs off-screen when the premonition comes true, though Justin is not killed because he left the racetrack. Her death is confirmed when Justin blames Mykelti Williamson for it.) (Thanks to Joshua)
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