Tarzan Finds a Son! (1939) [Mrs. Richard Lancing]: Killed, along with Morton Lowry and Gavin Muir, when their plane crashes in the jungle. (Thanks to Stephen and Josh)

I Take This Woman (1940) [Linda Rodgers]: Commits suicide by taking poison. (Thanks to Josh)

My Son, My Son (1940) [Maeve O'Riordan]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by taking an overdose of sleeping pills; her body is shown afterwards lying in bed when Brian Aherne discovers her.
Laraine Day in 'My Son, My Son'
Laraine Day dead (foreground) in 'My Son, My Son'
Laraine Day (1920 - 2007)
a.k.a. Laraine Johnson
Ex-Mrs. Ray Hendricks
Ex-Mrs. Leo Durocher
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