Lara Wendel in 'Tenebre'
Lara Wendel (1965 - )
a.k.a. Daniela Barnes
Black Kingpin (La Mala ordina; Hired to Kill; Hit Men; Manhunt in Milan; The Italian Connection) (1972) [Rita]: Deliberately hit by a van driven by Adolfo Celi's henchman, along with her mother (Sylva Koscina). (Thanks to Andrea)

My Dear Killer (Mio caro assassino) (1972) [Stefania Moroni]: Dies of starvation (off-screen) after being kidnapped and imprisoned in an abandoned house by Tullio Valli. (Thanks to Andrea)

Tenebre (Tenebrae; Unsane) (1982) [Maria Alboretto]: Hit in the stomach with an axe by John Steiner.
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