Lauren Bacall (1924 - )
Humphrey Bogart (widowed)
Jason Robards
Mother of
Sam Robards
Blithe Spirit (1956) [Elvira Condomine]: Dies of a heart attack (off-screen), several years before the story begins; she appears as a ghost to Noel Coward throughout the movie after Mildred Natwick holds a seance. (I haven't seen this version, but I have seen Kay Hammond in the 1945 version.)

The Gift of Love (1958) [Julie Beck]: Dies of a heart attack. (Thanks to OWB)

Appointment with Death (1988) [Lady Westholme]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head; we hear the shot, then see her body fall against the window. Her body is shown again lying on the floor in the foreground while Peter Ustinov and John Gielgud discuss the case. (Thanks to Johan)

Dogville (2003) [Ma Ginger]: Machine-gunned (along with everybody else in the town) by James Caan's thugs, while standing next to Harriet Andersson. (Thanks to Vincent, Artur, and Dick Hertz)

Manderlay (2005) [Mam]: Dies of old age/natural causes in her bed, after collapsing and being carried to her bedroom. (Thanks to Barnaba)
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Lauren Bacall in 'Appointment with Death'
Lauren Bacall dead (in foreground) in 'Appointment of Death'