Lee Grant (1927 - )
Ex-Mrs. Arnold Manoff
(film & television writer)
Mrs. Joseph Feury
Mother of
Dinah Manoff
Airport '77 (1977) [Karen Wallace]: Reportedly drowned when the submerged airplane floods during the rescue attempt; her body is shown floating face-down afterwards. (Thanks to Bryan)

Damien: Omen II (1978) [Ann Thorn]: Burned to death when Jonathan Scott-Taylor uses his powers to make the boiler-room furnace explode. (Thanks to Robert)

The Mafu Cage (The Cage; Deviation; Don't Ring the Doorbell; My Sister, My Love) (1978) [Ellen]: Dies of starvation (due to refusing to eat) after her sister (Carol Kane) locks her in the cage and tries to keep her as a pet.
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Lee Grant in 'The Mafu Cage'