Lee Meriwether in 'The Legend of Lylah Clare'
Lee Meriwether (1935 - )
Miss America of 1955
Frank Aletter
Mrs. Marshall Borden
Mother of Kyle Aletter and
Lesley Aletter
The Legend of Lylah Clare (1968) [Young Girl]: Falls to her death from a staircase during a struggle with Peter Finch, while Kim Novak looks on helplessly. Shown in a distorted flashback when Peter tells the story to Kim's other character. (In the first two flashback scenes, we're led to believe that Lee is a man; it isn't until the final flashback that her face is seen clearly and her gender is revealed.) (Thanks to Gerardo)

Star Trek: That Which Survives (1969) [Losira]: Appears as a computer-generated duplicate of the original "Losira," who died of an alien disease thousands of years in the past. The duplicates are destroyed when the computer is destroyed. (Thanks to Robert)

Cruise Into Terror (1978) [Lil Mather]: Burned to death, along with John Forsythe, in a fire on the cruise ship. (Thanks to Tom)

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