Lenore Kasdorf (1948 - )
Murder, She Wrote: It's a Dog's Life (1984) [Trish Langley]: Skull fractured (off-screen) when the electronic gates close on her head, after Dean Jones knocks her out, places her in the gateway, and uses a signal to make the dog hit the button to close the gate. The scene cuts away to Sandy Ward's reaction as the gate closes. (Thanks to Douglas)

Matlock: The Seduction (1986) [Cynthia Highland]: Strangled (off-screen). (Thanks to Douglas)

Santa Barbara: Episode 745 (1987) [Caroline Wilson Lockridge]: Dies of a rare terminal illness, with Nicolas Coster at her bedside. (Thanks to Johan)

In the Heat of the Night: Fool for Love (1992) [Aldiss Talbot]: Poisoned by her husband (Robert Ginty). (Thanks to Douglas)

A Murderous Affair: The Carolyn Warmus Story (1992) [Betty Jeanne Solomon]: Shot in the chest and back by Virginia Madsen.

Somebody's Daughter (1992) [Sydney]: Beaten to death by a drug dealer. (Thanks to Douglas)

High Incident: The Lady or the Tiger (1996) [Julie Jensen]: Killed (off-screen) by her ex-husband; her body is shown afterwards when David Keith discovers her. (Thanks to Douglas)

Starship Troopers (1997) [Mrs. Rico]: Killed (off-screen) in the aliens' attack on Buenos Aires. We see her on a video-phone transmission to Casper Van Dien, reacting to the noise as the attack starts before the communication is cut off.
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Lenore Kasdorf in 'In the Heat of the Night: Fool for Love'