Lenore Zann in 'Murder by Phone'
Lenore Zann (1959 - )
Murder by Phone (Bells; The Calling; Hell's Bells) (1980) [Connie Lawson]: Killed when Robin Gammell transmits a combination ultrasonic signal/electrical charge through her telephone.

American Nightmare (1983) [Tina]: Throat slit with a straight razor in the empty strip club. (Thanks to Jake)

Something's Afoot (1984) [Hope]: Accidentally poisoned, along with Andy Gibb, when they drink the wine that was intended for Wayne Robson. (This was a televised stage play that aired on Showtime.)

Mania (Mania: The Intruder) (1986) [Julie Somers]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by Stephen Hunter when she tries to kill him; her body is shown afterwards lying on the floor when the police arrive.

Prettykill (Tomorrow's a Killer) (1987) [Carrie]: Stabbed to death (off-screen). (Thanks to Jake)

Natural Enemy (1997) [Gina Knox]: Strangled/neck snapped by William McNamara; her body is shown again later on when Lesley Ann Warren discovers her. (Thanks to Eric)

Lexx: Woz (1999) [The Dark Lady]: Disintegrated when Walter Borden detonates a suicide-bomb that vaporizes the entire complex. (Thanks to Stephen)

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