Lesleh Donaldson in 'Happy Birthday to Me'
Lesleh Donaldson (1964 - )
Happy Birthday to Me (1981) [Bernadette O'Hara]: Throat slit with a straight razor by Tracey E. Bregman, as Lesleh is running away after Tracey's unsuccessful attempt to strangle her in Lesleh's car. Her body is shown again later on when Lawrence Dane discovers all the victims arranged as "party guests." (Thanks to EXXXposed)

Deadly Eyes (Night Eyes; The Rats) (1982) [Martha]: Knocked through a pane of glass and trampled by a stampede of people trying to get away from the rats in a movie theater. (Thanks to EXXXposed)

Curtains (1983) [Christie Burns]: Decapitated with a sickle by Lynne Griffin while Lesleh is ice-skating on the lake. Her severed head is shown afterwards placed in a toilet bowl. (Thanks to EXXXposed and Eric)
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