Leslie Easterbrook in 'The Devil's Rejects'
Leslie Easterbrook (1949 - )
Mrs. Dan Wilcox
(TV writer/producer)
Maniacts (2001) [Knull]: Head bashed against the door of a cell by a high-pressure water hose, after Kellie Waymire turns the hose on full-blast and locks Leslie in the cell.

The Devil's Rejects (2005) [Mama Firefly]: Stabbed in the stomach by William Forsythe in her jail cell.

Murder at the Presidio (2005) [Thelma 'Bunny' Atkins]: Dies (off-screen) of cancer; the movie ends shortly after her arrest, but some on-screen text reveals that she died in prison a few years later.

Halloween (2007) [Patty Frost]: Throat torn out by Tyler Mane in the Sanitarium; he then drags her body down the corridor. (Thanks to Cody)
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