Lillian Gish in 'Broken Blossoms'
Lillian Gish (1893 - 1993)
Sister of Dorothy Gish
Broken Blossoms (Scarlet Blossoms; The Yellow Man and the Girl) (1919) [Lucy Burrows]: Beaten to death by her father (Donald Crisp) on her bed. The scene fades out just as he begins the beating, then resumes after he finishes; she dies shortly afterwards. Richard Barthelmess then arrives and discovers her body; after killing Donald in turn, Richard carries her body back to his shop and places her on the bed before committing suicide beside her. (Thanks to Eliza)

La Boheme (1926) [Mimi]: Dies of tuberculosis in John Gilbert's arms. (Thanks to Brian)

Duel in the Sun (1946) [Laura Belle McCanles]: Dies in Lionel Barrymore's arms of an unspecified illness.

The Unforgiven (1960) [Mattilda Zachary]: Shot in the side during a battle between her family and the Native American warriors; she dies shortly after being brought back inside the house.

A Wedding (1978) [Nettie Sloan]: Dies of natural causes/old age in her home, with Geraldine Chaplin and Beverly Ross at her bedside.
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