Lilyan Chauvin (with Walter Brooke) in 'Bloodlust!'
Lilyan Chauvin (1925 - 2008)
Bloodlust! (1961) [Sandra Balleau]: Stabbed to death with a spear (off-screen), along with Walter Brooke, by Wilton Graff, when Lilyan and Walter try to escape. We only see Wilton appear behind them with spear in hand; their preserved bodies are shown afterwards in Wilton's "trophy room." (Thanks to HH)

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (1994) [Miss Osie]: Fatally injured in a fire in her home; she dies in the hospital shortly afterwards, but briefly comes back to life to deliver a warning to Gloria Hendry and Andrew Robinson. (Lilyan's face was covered by disfiguring make-up for this role.)

CSI: Loco Motives (2006) [Mrs. Aloyna Ivanovna]: Hits her head against the wall telephone when she falls against it while trying to get away from Matt Malloy in her apartment; he then sticks her head in the oven and turns on the gas to make it look like suicide. Her body is shown when Gary Dourdan and George Eads investigate the scene, and her death is shown in a flashback later on when Matt confesses.
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