Linda Darnell (with Laird Cregar) in 'Hangover Square'
Linda Darnell (1923 - 1965)
Buffalo Bill (1944) [Dawn Starlight]: Killed in a battle between the Cheyenne and the cavalry.

Summer Storm (1944) [Olga Kuzminichna Urbenina]: Stabbed (off-screen) by George Sanders in the woods; she is discovered by Hugo Haas shortly afterwards, and dies after Hugo and Edward Everett Horton carry her back into the house.

Fallen Angel (1945) [Stella]: Bludgeoned to death (off-screen) by Charles Bickford. We learn of her death afterwards when Alice Faye informs Dana Andrews, and her body is shown afterwards (covered with a sheet) being carried out on a stretcher. (Thanks to Perry)

Hangover Square (1945) [Netta Longdon]: Strangled with a drapery sash by Laird Cregar in her dressing room. Laird then puts a Guy Fawkes mask on her face and carries her body out into the street, throwing her onto a bonfire with the other Guy Fawkes dummies.

Anna and the King of Siam (1946) [Tuptim]: Executed by being burned at the stake. (Thanks to Hamish)

My Darling Clementine (1946) [Chihuahua]: Shot in the stomach by John Ireland from outside her bedroom window. Victor Mature then operates on her wound in the bedroom; the operation initially appears to be a success, but in a later scene the next day, Victor informs Henry Fonda that Linda died after going home.
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