Lindsay Frost in 'Collateral Damage'
Lindsay Frost's death in 'Collateral Damage'
Lindsay Frost (1962 - )
Daughter of Warren Frost
Sister of Mark Frost and Scott Frost
Mrs. Rick Giolito
Dead Heat (1988) [Randi James]: Rapidly decomposes into a skeleton. (Thanks to Crimson Ghost)

Nighmare Cafe: Nightmare Cafe (1992) [Fay Peronivic]: Drowned in a car accident; she then finds herself in the afterlife "cafe" and continued to appear as a series regular. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

My Father's Shadow: The Sam Sheppard Story (Death in the Shadows) (1998) [Marilyn Sheppard]: Beaten to death by an intruder. (I haven't seen this movie myself, so I don't know whether her death or body were shown on-screen, but I am familiar with the facts of the case the movie is based on.)

Collateral Damage (2002) [Anne Brewer]: Killed in an explosion, along with her son (Ethan Dampf), when Cliff Curtis sets off a bomb outside a nearby building, while Arnold Schwarzenegger watches helplessly.

Without a Trace: Res Ipsa (2007) [Christine Woods]: Choked to death when Camille Guaty presses a piece of wood against Lindsay's throat by the harbor; her body is shown again being pulled out of the water at the end of the episode. (Thanks to PortsGuy)
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