Lindy Booth in 'Wrong Turn'
Lindy Booth (1979 - )
American Psycho 2: All-American Girl (2002) [Cassandra Blaire]: Hanged (off-screen) by Mila Kunis; her body is shown afterwards when Mila pins a note on her. (Thanks to Germboygel)

Wrong Turn (2003) [Francine]: Face slashed when the mountain men loop a barbed-wire/razor garotte over her head and in her mouth; her body is shown afterwards when they bring her back to their cabin and begin decapitating/dismembering her. (Thanks to Germboygel)

Dawn of the Dead (2004) [Nicole]: Killed (off-screen) by the zombies; the movie ends with video-camera footage of the zombies closing in, interspersed with the closing credits, so her fate is only strongly implied rather than actually confirmed.

Dark Honeymoon (2008) [Kathryn]: Killed (off-screen, method unspecified) by Nick Cornish, some time before the story begins; although the movie depicts her as the killer, it's later revealed that everything we've seen has been a lie told by Nick, and that Nick has been the killer all along. We learn of her death when a police officer reports finding her body buried in the woods. (Thanks to Germboygel)

NCIS: Endgame (2009) [Amanda Barrow]: Shot to death by Kelly Hu, as Lindy is about to shoot Sean Murray. (Thanks to Cody)
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