Linnea Quigley in 'Witchtrap'
Linnea Quigley (1958 - )
Ex-Mrs. Steve Johnson
(special-effects artist)
Stone Cold Dead (1979) [Melody Stevens]: Shot in the head with a sniper rifle by Alberta Watson while taking a shower. We see the shot come through the bathroom window, followed by a shot of Linnea slumping down to the shower floor. (Nudity alert: Topless & rear)

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) [Denise]: Impaled through the back when Robert Brian Wilson lifts her up and pushes her onto the antlers of a deer-head trophy. (Footage from her death scene was also repeated in the 1987 sequel Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2.) (Nudity alert: Topless)

The Return of the Living Dead (1985) [Trash]: Bitten to death by a group of zombies; she soon returns to life as a zombie herself, and is destroyed when the military drops an atomic bomb on the city. (Nudity alert: Full frontal & rear)

Creepozoids (1987) [Bianca]: Decapitated when a monster bites her head off; we see the creature's jaws about to close on her head, then see her legs dangling from the monster's grasp as the blood runs down.

Night of the Demons (Halloween Party) (1988) [Suzanne]: After being possessed by a demon, she dissolves into smoke when the demons are sent back to hell. (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to Justin)

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master (1988) [Soul from Freddie's Chest]: Plays the ghost of one of Robert Englund's previous victims; we see her trapped inside his body through the skin of his chest. (Footage from this scene was also repeated in the 1991 sequel Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.) (Nudity alert: Topless)

American Rampage (1989) [Elizabeth MacIntosh]: Shot in the chest by an unseen assailant after she walks out of the shower in her hotel room. (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to Matt)

Witchtrap (1989) [Ginger Kowalski]: Stabbed in the throat by a supernaturally-animated shower head.  (Nudity alert: Topless)

Animals (1999) [Dana Miles-Evans]: Killed by a gang of thugs. (Thanks to Justin)

Scream Queen (2002) [Malicia Tombs]: Killed in a car crash. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but I've read the movie's premise on its IMDB listing.)

Corpses Are Forever (2003) [Elli Kroger]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by Conrad Brooks in a bathtub; her body is shown afterwards when Jose Prendes discovers her, and she appears to Jose as a "guardian angel" periodically throughout the movie. (Thanks to Jose)

Hoodoo for Voodoo (2006) [Queen Marie]: Shot in the back by Kian O'Grady. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

1313: Cougar Cult (2012) [Clara]: Killed by supernatural forces when Bryce Durfee presses the magical amulet to Linnea's forehead (with the backlash simultaneously killing Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens as well); she transforms into a cougar before collapsing out of camera frame. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

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