Lisa Langlois in 'Phobia'
Lisa Langlois (1959 - )
Blood Relatives (Les liens du sang) (1977) [Muriel]: Stabbed to death by her cousin (Aude Landry) in an alley. Her body is shown in the alley early in the movie, and the murder is shown in flashback towards the end.

Phobia (1980) [Laura Adams]: Drowned by Paul Michael Glaser in the hospital bathtub. (Nudity alert: Full frontal & rear)

Class of 1984 (1982) [Patsy]: Crushed to death when another car falls on top of her car, after she accidentally kills Keith Knight while trying to run over Perry King. (Thanks to Fearless Vampire Killer)

Deadly Eyes (Night Eyes; The Rats) (1982) [Trudy White]: Trampled to death by panicked theater patrons after she falls down a staircase while trying to get away from the rats. (Thanks to EXXXposed)

The Perfect Marriage (2006) [Carrie Holllings]: Stabbed to death (off-screen) by James Wilder in a parking lot. The scene cuts away just as he grabs her; her body is not shown afterwards. (Thanks to EXXXposed)

Fire Serpent (2007) [Heather Allman]: Burned to death from the inside (leaving the outside of her body untouched) after being possessed by a fire-based being. (Thanks to EXXXposed)

Framed for Murder (2007) [Diane]: Stabbed in the neck with an icepick. (Thanks to Nick)
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