Lola Albright in 'Joy House'
Lola Albright (1925 - )
Jack Carson
The Killer That Stalked New York (Frightened City) (1950) [Francie Bennet]: Commits suicide (off-screen), exact method unspecified, in her apartment; her body is shown (covered with a sheet) being carried out on a stretcher when her sister (Evelyn Keyes) arrives at the building.

Gunsmoke: Reed Survives (1955) [Lucy Hunt]: Strangled (off-screen) by James Drury; we learn of her death afterwards when James confesses to James Arness. (Thanks to Stephen)

Oregon Passage (1957) [Sylvia Dane]: Shot to death by Edward Platt to "spare" her after she's captured by Shoshone warriors. (Thanks to Constantine)

Joy House (Les Felins; The Love Cage) (1964) [Barbara]: Shot in the back by Andre Oumansky as she runs down a hallway. (Thanks to Big O)

Lord Love a Duck (1966) [Marie Greene]: Commits suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol; her body is shown afterwards lying on the bed when her daughter (Tuesday Weld) discovers her, after Roddy McDowall tries to warn Tuesday not to look.

Columbo: Fade in to Murder (1976) [Claire Daley]: Shot to death by William Shatner.

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