Lolita Davidovich (1961 - )
Mrs. Ron Shelton
Friday the 13th: The Series: Wedding Bell Blues (1989) [Christy]: Impaled through the stomach with a pool cue by Elizabeth Maclellan. (Thanks to Big O)

The Inner Circle (Blizhnij krug; The Projectionist) (1991) [Anastasia Sanshin]: Commits suicide by hanging herself; her body is shown afterwards when Tom Hulce discovers her. (Thanks to Dick and Mickey)

Younger and Younger (1993) [Penelope Younger]: Dies of a heart attack in her office. (She's made up to look older than she actually was.) Her ghost appears to Donald Sutherland throughout the rest of the movie, looking progressively younger each time she appears.

Dead Silence (1997) [Detective Sharon Foster]: Shot in the stomach. (Before her death, her character is revealed to be an impostor, and the real Detective Foster's body is shown when James Garner discovers it. I don't know whether the real Foster's body was played by Lolita or another actress.) (Thanks to David and BK)

September Dawn (2006) [Nancy Dunlap]: Killed (off-screen, exact method unclear) by Jon Voight's followers; her body is shown afterwards floating down the river when Trent Ford and Tamara Hope see her. (Nudity alert: Topless in distant shot)
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Lolita Davidovich in 'September Dawn'