Lori Heuring (1973 - )
Alias: Reckoning (2001) [Kate Jones a.k.a. Eloise Kurtz]: Killed (off-screen) by SD-6 agents; her death is confirmed in the following episode (Color Blind) when Bradley Cooper reads about it on his computer. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

True Blue (2001) [Nikki]: Killed by the backfire/explosion when she tries to shoot Tom Berenger with a gun whose barrel had been clogged with mud. She dies shortly after the blast, saying her last words to Tom as he kneels beside her.

Taboo (2002) [Katie]: Hits her head on a billiards table while attacking January Jones. (Thanks to Pat)

Prom Night (2008) [Mrs. Keppel]: Stabbed to death by Johnathon Schaech, while her daughter (Brittany Snow) looks on helplessly from underneath the bed. (Thanks to Meg)
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Lori Heuring in 'Prom Night' (2008)