Lorraine De Selle
a.k.a. Lorrane de Selle du Real
Women's Camp 119 (KZ9 - Lager di Stermino; SS Extermination Love Camp) (1977) [Maria Black]: Executed by hanging after a failed escape attempt from the concentration camp. (Thanks to Johan)

Vacanze per un massacro (Vacation for a Massacre) (1980) [Paula]: Shot in the chest by Joe Dallesandro when she tries to stab him with a pair of shears. (Thanks to Andrea)

Women's Prison Massacre (Emanuelle fuga dall'inferno; Blade Violent; Emanuelle in Prison) (1983) [Colleen, the Warden]: Accidentally shot in the head by Jacques Stany when he fires at the prisoners holding her hostage. (Thanks to Johan)
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Lorraine de Selle in 'Vacanze per un massacro'