Louise Fletcher (1934 - )
Lawman: The Encounter (1959) [Betty Horgan]: Shot by Donald Buka after she shoots Russell Johnson; she dies in John Russell's arms shortly after he shoots Donald in turn. (See also this detailed, illustrated episode summary.) (Thanks to Anonymous)

Natural Enemies (1979) [Miriam Steward]: Shot to death by Hal Holbrook. It's been a long time since I've seen this movie, but I don't remember either the murder or her body being shown on-screen.

Brainstorm (1983) [Dr. Lillian Reynolds]: Dies of a heart attack in her laboratory; she manages to hook herself up to the thought-recording machine as she dies. Her death is "replayed" when Christopher Walken hooks himself into the machine later on.

Shadowzone (1990) [Dr. Erhardt]: Impaled through the stomach with a pipe by the extradimensional creature, which then takes her body back to its dimension. (Thanks to Mesmerizer)

Love Kills (1998) [Alena Heiss]: Accidentally shot to death by Donovan Leitch, when her dog bites him and causes him to pull the trigger while he's holding a gun on her. We only see her legs as her chair falls backwards.

Profiler: Reunion Part 1 (1999) [Miriam Newquay, Jack's Mother]: Dies (off-screen) in a car accident, implied to have been caused by her son (Dennis Christopher). Louise does not appear in this episode, and had not actually appeared on the show since the 1998 episode Victim of Victims, but her death is revealed in this episode. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: What You Leave Behind, Part II (1999) [Kai Winn Adami]: Burned to death when Marc Alaimo conjures up fire, as Avery Brooks looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Neil)

After Image (2001) [Aunt Cora]: Smothered with a pillow (off-screen) by Michael Zelniker in her bedroom; her legs are shown (with a hand-written toe-tag left by Michael) sticking out of the bed when John Mellencamp discovers her. Her body is shown again later on being placed in the crematorium.
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Louise Fletcher (with John Russell) in 'Lawman: The Encounter'