Lucy Punch (1977 - )
The 10th Kingdom (2000) [Sally Peep]: Slashed to death (off-camera) by Peter Vaughan underneath a tree; we only hear her screaming in the distance. Her death is confirmed when a villager runs into town shouting the news to everybody, and the chalk outline of her body (plus one of her crook) is shown when John Larroquette and the dog investigate the crime scene.

Midsomer Murders: Tainted Fruit (2001) [Melissa Townsend]: Injected (off-screen) with an overdose of drugs; her body is shown afterwards when John Nettles and Daniel Casey discover her.

Hot Fuzz (2007) [Eve Draper]: Decapitated with an axe (off-screen) by a member of the Neighbourhood Watch, after the same is done to David Threlfall in their dressing room. The scene ends with Lucy screaming after David is killed; their severed heads are shown lying in the road after their deaths are made to look like a car accident. (Thanks to Luke)
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Lucy Punch in 'Hot Fuzz'
Lucy Punch and David Threlfall's severed heads in 'Hot Fuzz'