Nadine Pascale (Lynn Monteil/Nadine Scant) in 'Exorcism'/'Demoniac'
Nadine Pascal
a.k.a. Lynn Monteil, a.k.a. Nadine Scant
Exorcism (El Sadico de Notre Dame; Demoniac; The Ripper of Notre Dame) (1974) [Rose]: Stabbed in the back by Jesus Franco when he rushes on stage in the middle of her "satanic ritual" act.

Sadomania (Sadomania - Holle der lust; Hellhole Women) (1981) [Beba]: Shot in the chest by Antonio Mayans after Antonio and Ajita Wilson "hunt" Nadine through the swamp; her body is then eaten by a crocodile. (Nudity alert: Full frontal and rear)
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