Lynsey Baxter (1965 - )
The Little Match Girl (1974) [Little Match Girl]: Presumably frozen to death in the street after using the last of her matches to keep warm. (I haven't seen this version, so I don't know whether it follows the original story or changes it to a happy ending.)

Zorro: The Devil's Fortress Part 2 (1991) [Rosalinda de la Fuente]: Falls to her death from a balcony during a struggle with Michael Tylo, after she tries to shoot Duncan Regehr. (Thanks to Lisa)

Gormenghast (2000) [Cora Groan]: Starved to death (off-screen), along with her sister (Zoe Wanamaker), after Jonathan Rhys-Meyers locks them in a room and abandons them; their skeletal bodies are shown afterwards when Jonathan returns to the room much later.
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Lynsey Baxter in 'Zorro: The Devil's Fortress Part 2'
Lynsey Baxter dead in 'Zorro: The Devil's Fortress Part 2'