Madlyn Rhue in 'Baretta: He'll Never See Daylight Again'
Madlyn Rhue (1935 - 2003)
Ex-Mrs. Tony Young
The Alaskans: Disaster at Gold Hill (1960) [Fay Loomis]: Reportedly shot in the back by Rex Reason when she tries to surrender to the law officers; she dies shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Anonymous)

Bonanza: Day of Reckoning (1960) [Hatoya]: Shot in the stomach by Karl Swenson; her body is then shown again when Ricardo Montalban cradles her in grief and anger. (Thanks to G-Man)

The Manhunter (1972) [Teresa Taylor]: Reportedly shot by hitmen while bathing in a waterfall, when their intended target uses her for a shield instead. (I haven't seen this movie myself, but got the information from a few internet posts. The posters' memories were vague, so this scene might be in a different movie entirely.) (Thanks to Dr. Watson and Dick Hertz)

Baretta: He'll Never See Daylight Again (pilot) (1975) [Sharon Fowler]: Reportedly shot repeatedly on the sidewalk when thugs ambush Robert Blake and hit her instead. (Thanks to Rodzilla)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) [Lt. Marla McGivers]: Madlyn does not actually appear in this movie, but it establishes that her character from the Star Trek episode Space Seed was killed by the parasitic Ceti eels in the time between the original episode and the movie.

Days of Our Lives (1984; I don't know the exact date) [Daphne DiMera]: Reportedly fatally injured in a plane crash; she dies shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Johan)
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