Maggie Pierce in 'Tales of Terror'
Maggie Pierce (1931 - )
Tales of Terror (Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Terror) (1962) [Lenora Locke]: Killed by supernatural means by the ghost of her mother (Leona Gage), who uses Maggie's death to literally switch places with her and come back to life. After Leona rises from the bed where Maggie had died, Vincent Price rushes to the other room where Leona's body had been, and finds Maggie's body lying in its place. After Vincent accidentally starts a fire that kills both himself and Leona, we see through the flames that Leona's body has transformed back into Maggie's.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Triumph (1964) [Mrs. Lucy Sprague]: Shot to death, along with Ed Begley, by Tom Simcox as their boat approaches the dock. Tom believed he was shooting at Jeanette Nolan; Maggie's identity is revealed after Tom lifts her veil.
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