Majandra Delfino in 'R.S.V.P.' (2002)
Majandra Delfino dead in 'R.S.V.P.'
Majandra Delfino (1981 - )
Roswell: Summer of '47 (2000) [Maria DeLuca/Betty Osorio]: Playing a dual role as both her regular character "Maria" and the 1940s-storyline character "Betty," "Betty" is killed (off-screen) by government agents who cover up her death to look like a car accident; Brendan Fehr learns of her death afterwards when he tries to call her on the phone. (Thanks to Alex)

The Learning Curve (2001) [Ashley]: Shot in the stomach. (Thanks to G-Man)

R.S.V.P. (2002) [Callie]: Drowned in a pot of soup by Rick Otto in her kitchen; Rick then stuffs her body into an oven.
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