Malisa Longo in 'Naked You Die'
Malisa Longo (1950 - )
a.k.a. Melissa Long, other variant spellings
Naked You Die ( muore; The Miniskirt Murders; School Girl Killer; The Young, the Evil & the Savage) (1968) [Cynthia Fellows]: Strangled when the killer (who had mistaken Malisa for Eleonora Brown) grabs her neck from behind through the shower curtain. (Thanks to Johan and Eric)

The Cauldron of Death (Ricco; Gangland; Mean Machine; The Dirty Mob) (1973) [Rosa]: Thrown into a vat of acid (off-screen) by Arthur Kennedy's thugs; we only hear her screaming in the background as Arthur walks away. (Thanks to Johan)

War of the Robots (La Guerra dei robot; Reactor; Robots; Stratostars) (1978) [Lois]: Killed in an explosion when Antonio Sabato Sr. fires on her spaceship. (Thanks to Johan)

A Cat in the Brain (Un Gatto nel cervello; Nightmare Concert) (1990) [Katya Schwarz]: Garroted (and nearly decapitated) with a piano wire by David L. Thompson. (Thanks to Johan)
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