Margie Newton in 'The Bronx Executioner'
Margie Newton
a.k.a. Margit Evelyn Newton
The Last Hunter (L'Ultimo cacciatore) (1980) [Carol]: Reportedly shot in the back by David Warbeck. (Thanks to Johan)

Hell of the Living Dead (Virus; Zombi 5: Ultimate Nightmare; many other alternate titles) (1981) [Lia Rousseau]: Reportedly killed when a zombie sticks its hand in her mouth and pokes out her eyes from inside her skull. (An obvious dummy head was used.) (Thanks to Johan)

The Final Executioner (L'Ultimo guerriro; The Last Warrior) (1983) [Diane]: Reportedly killed (off-screen) by William Mang; her body is shown afterwards when Marina Costa discovers her hanging from the roof outside Marina's window. (Nudity alert: Topless) (Thanks to Johan)

Hercules II (L'Avventure dell'incredibile Ercole; The Adventures of Hercules) (1985) [Aphrodite]: Reportedly disintegrated with a bolt of cosmic energy by William Berger as she tries to run away. (Thanks to Johan)

The Bronx Executioner (Il Giustiziere del Bronx) (1989) [Margie]: Reportedly shot to death by Gabriele Gori. (Thanks to Johan)
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