Margit Carstensen in 'Possession' (1981)
Margit Carstensen (1940 - )
The Third Generation (Die Dritte Generation) (1979) [Petra Vielhaber]: Shot repeatedly by police as she's about to plant a bomb in a hotel.

Possession (1981) [Margit Gluckmeister]: Throat slit (off-screen) by Isabelle Adjani; we see Margit standing in the doorway afterwards when Sam Neill arrives, at which point she collapses and dies in his arms. He then carries her body into the bathroom; her body is shown again later on when he places her in a garment bag and then in the trunk of his car.

It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine. (2007) [Linda Barnes]: Strangled by Steven C. Stewart in the front seat of a car. (Note: This film is only shown at special screenings as part of director Crispin Glover's personal appearance/book-reading tours; he has no plans to release it on DVD.)

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