Maria Fiore (1935 - 2004)
Hercules the Invincible (Ercole l'invincibile; Hercules Against the Elephants' Empire; Son of Hercules in the Land of Darkness) (1963) [Melissia]: Crushed to death (off-camera) when her underground palace collapses during a volcanic eruption; the scene cuts away to the ceiling as it comes down. (Note: I had previously misattributed this role to Carla Calo.) (Thanks to Stephen)

Thor and the Amazon Women (Le Gladiatrici; Women Gladiators) (1963) [Yamad]: Tortured to death on a stretch-rack by Janine Hendy's servants after being caught plotting against Janine. (Thanks to Johan)
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Maria Fiore in 'Hercules the Invincible'
Maria Fiore's death in 'Hercules the Invincible'