Maria Grazia Cucinotta in 'The World Is Not Enough'
Maria Grazia Cucinotta's death in 'The World Is Not Enough'
Maria Grazia Cucinotta (1969 - )
Witness Run (La Signora della citta) (1996) [Rosa Miniti]: Shot to death, along with her husband and son, by a group of hitmen. (Thanks to Johan)

Il Decisionista (1997) [character name unavailable]: Killed by gangsters (off-screen; I don't know the details). (Thanks to Alessio)

Padre Papa (1998) [Luisa]: Shot to death (though I don't know by whom or any other details). (Thanks to Alessio)

The World Is Not Enough (1999) [Cigar Girl]: Commits suicide by shooting the gas tank on a hot-air balloon (causing it to explode), while Pierce Brosnan hangs from a rope and pleads for her to surrender. (Thanks to Alessio and Flavio)
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