Mariangela Melato (1941 - 2013)
Moses the Lawgiver (Moses) (1974) [Princess Bythia]: Dies of an unspecified illness, with her son (William Lancaster) by her side. (Thanks to Johan)

Nada (The Nada Gang) (1974) [Veronique Cash]: Shot in the stomach by Michel Aumont when she tries to surrender during the raid on the kidnappers' hideout.

Orestea (1975) [Cassandra]: Killed by Marisa Fabbri and Marisa's lover. (I haven't seen this version, but I'm familiar with the myth.)

Flash Gordon (1980) [Kala]: Shot in the stomach with a ray-gun during a shoot-out with Timothy Dalton. Her body melts into a black liquid after her death.
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Mariangela Melato in 'Nada'