Marin Hinkle in 'Frequency'
Marin Hinkle (1966 - )
Frequency (2000) [Sissy Clark]: Strangled (off-screen) by Shawn Doyle in her apartment. Her body is shown afterwards when Dennis Quaid discovers her.

House, M.D.: Babies & Bathwater (2005) [Naomi Randolph]: Dies on the operating table while Hugh Laurie performs a caesarian section to save her baby, after her system has been weakened by Lambert-Eaton Syndrome and an embolism.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008) [Jane Hartley]: Falls to her death over a bannister during a struggle with her daughter (Haley Bennett).

Quarantine (2008) [Kathy]: Infected with the rabies-like virus when her daughter (Joey King) bites her; she is later handcuffed to the bannister by Greg Germann. It's unconfirmed whether she dies of the virus or starves to death. (Thanks to Cody)
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