Marjorie Main in 'Dark Command' (1940)
Marjorie Main (1890 - 1975)
Dark Command (1940) [Mrs. Cantrell a.k.a. Mrs. Adams]: Shot in the back by a soldier while she's holding a gun on her son (Walter Pidgeon); she dies shortly after Walter carries her over to the couch.

Heaven Can Wait (1943) [Mrs. Strabel]: Dies (off-screen), presumable of old age/natural causes, at some point during the story. She is last seen when Don Ameche runs away with her daughter (Gene Tierney); her death is not verbally confirmed in any later scenes, but considering how much time passes in the course of the movie, it seems safe to assume that she dies.

Gentle Annie (1944) [Annie Goss]: Shot in the chest (off-screen) by Barton MacLane after she points her shotgun at him to shoo him off her property; she dies shortly afterwards, after her sons (Paul Langton and Harry Morgan) arrive and find her sitting wounded on the porch.
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