Marla Malcolm (with Jay Gillespie's headless body) in '2001 Maniacs'
Marla Malcolm
a.k.a. Marla Leigh Malcolm
2001 Maniacs (2005) [Joey]: Decapitated, along with Jay Gillespie, by a strand of barbed wire that Ryan Fleming had strung across the road in the path of their motorcycle. After the motorcycle comes to a stop, Jay's head falls off, while the top of Marla's head remains balanced in place until Ryan knocks it off with his slingshot. (Thanks to Joshman and Andreas)

Blood Car (2007) [Hitchhiker]: Slashed to death (off-camera) by the rotating blades in the trunk of Mike Brune's car, after Mike pushes her into the trunk to use as fuel for his blood-powered engine; we only see Mike shoving her into the trunk.
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