Marsha Hunt (with Edward G. Robinson) in 'Actors and Sin'
Marsha Hunt (1917 - )
Honorary Mayor of Sherman Oaks, CA since 1980
Ex-Mrs. Jerry Hopper
Mrs. Robert Presnell Jr.
(screenwriter) (widowed)
These Glamour Girls (1939) [Betty Ainsbridge]: Commits suicide by stopping her car on the railroad tracks in front of an oncoming train. (Thanks to Tammi)

Blossoms in the Dust (1941) [Charlotte Kahly]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by shooting herself; we only hear the shot after she says goodbye to Greer Garson and runs upstairs. Her body is not shown.

Actors and Sin (Ben Hecht's Actor's Blood and Woman of Sin) (1952) [Marcia Tillayou]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by taking poison in her bedroom; her father (Edward G. Robinson) then shoots her body in the chest (again off-screen) to cover up her suicide and make it look like murder. Her body is shown lying on the bed, with Edward kneeling beside her, at the beginning; the movie then goes to a flashback showing her life leading up to the suicide, then rejoins the scene of Edward kneeling beside her and proceeds from there.

The Outer Limits: ZZZZZ (1964) [Francesca Fields]: Stung to death (off-screen) by bees after Joanna Frank releases them from their hive. (Thanks to Stephen)
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