Marsha Thomason in 'Long Time Dead'
Marsha Thomason (1976 - )
Long Time Dead (2002) [Lucy]: Hanged (off-screen) in an elevator shaft by Joe Absolom (while he's possessed by the djinn); her body is shown afterwards when it drops down the shaft as Alec Newman tries to get the elevator. (Thanks to Germboygel)

The Haunted Mansion (2003) [Sara Evers/Elizabeth]: Playing a dual role in two eras, "Elizabeth" is poisoned by Terence Stamp. "Sara" is later poisoned by Terence as part of a supernatural ritual, but is brought back to life by "Elizabeth's" spirit. (Thanks to Bryan and Kyle)

The Tripper (2006) [Linda]: Stabbed in the back when Christopher Allen Nelson throws a knife at her in the woods, then stabbed repeatedly in the stomach. Her body is shown again later on when Jamie King discovers her. (Thanks to Cody)

Lost: Through the Looking Glass (2007) [Naomi Dorrit]: Stabbed in the back when Terry O'Quinn throws a knife at her; she dies of her wound in the following season-opening episode The Beginning of the End. (Thanks to Anime Dan)
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