Martha Hyer in 'Picture Mommy Dead'
Martha Hyer (1924 - )
Mrs. Hal B. Wallis
Ice Palace (1960) [Dorothy Wendt Kennedy]: Dies of a heart attack during an argument with Richard Burton.

Pyro (Fuego; Pyro...The Thing without a Face; Wheel of Fire) (1964) [Laura Blanco]: Burned to death when Barry Sullivan sets fire to her bedroom, after knocking her unconscious; we see her lying on the bed as the room goes up in flames.

Picture Mommy Dead (Color Mommy Dead) (1966) [Francene Shelley]: Strangled by Don Ameche in their bedroom, while his daughter (Susan Gordon) watches from the shadows (just as she had done during his years-earlier murder of Zsa Zsa Gabor, whose death is shown in a flashback intercut with this scene). (Thanks to Big O)
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