Marthe Keller in 'Marathon Man'
Marthe Keller (1945 - )
And Now My Love (Toute une vie) (1974) [Sarah/Sarah's Mother/Sarah's Grandmother]: Two deaths as two different characters: (1) As the grandmother, shot to death by Charles Denner in her bedroom; shown in a black & white flashback. (2) As the mother, dies in childbirth (off-screen); her body is not shown afterwards. (The granddaughter "Sarah" survives the movie.)

Marathon Man (1976) [Elsa Opel]: Shot in the back by William Devane after she shouts a warning to Dustin Hoffman.

Black Sunday (1977) [Dahlia Iyad]: Machine-gunned by Robert Shaw after his helicopter pulls alongside the Goodyear Blimp (which Marthe and Bruce Dern had hijacked).

Bobby Deerfield (Heaven Has No Favorites) (1977) [Lillian Morelli]: Dies of a terminal illness. (Thanks to Mac)

Chrysalis (2007) [Professor Brugen]: Shot by Guy Lecluyse. (Thanks to Thierry)

Cortex (2008) [Carole Rothmann]: Injected with poison by Claude Perron. (Thanks to Thierry)
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