Maruschka Detmers in 'Hanna's War'
Maruschka Detmers (1962 - )
Hanna's War (1988) [Hanna Senesh]: Executed by a firing squad outside in the snow, while Donald Pleasence and David Warner witness the execution. (Thanks to Ivo)

Hidden Assassin (The Shooter) (1995) [Simone Rosset]: Reportedly shot in the chest through a window by an assassin; she dies shortly afterwards in Dolph Lundgren's arms after he kills the gunman. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Johan)

Mata Hari, la vraie histoire (2003) [Mata Hari]: Presumably executed by a firing squad. (I haven't seen this film, which has not yet been released in the US, so I don't know whether it actually depicts Mata Hari's execution or not.)
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