Mary Pickford before her off-screen death in 'Stella Maris'
Mary Pickford (1892 - 1979)
a.k.a. Dorothy/Gladys Nicholson, a.k.a. Baby Gladys Smith
(as a child stage actress)
Daughter of Charlotte Smith (stage actress)
Sister of Jack Pickford and Lottie Pickford
Ex-Mrs. Owen Moore
Douglas Fairbanks
Mrs. Charles 'Buddy' Rogers
Madame Butterfly (1915) [Cho-Cho San]: Commits suicide (presumably by stabbing herself); she dies in Marshall Neilan's arms shortly afterwards. (I haven't seen this version, but I'm familiar with the story.)

Stella Maris (1918) [Stella Maris/Unity Blake]: Playing a dual role, "Unity" commits suicide (off-screen) by shooting herself, after she shoots Marcia Manon. We learn of her death afterwards when the police inform Conway Tearle. ("Stella" survives the movie.)
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