Mary Steenburgen in 'Dead of Winter'
Mary Steenburgen (1953 - )
Malcolm McDowell
Ted Danson
Mother of
Lilly McDowell and Charlie McDowell (director)
Dead of Winter (1987) [Katie McGovern/Julie Rose/Evelyn]: Playing a triple role, she has death scenes as two of her three characters: (1) "Julie" is strangled in her car by a hitman who had been hiding in the backseat. (Her face is obscured throughout the entire scene.) Her body is shown afterwards when "Katie" discovers her in the attic of Jan Rubes' house, and again when "Katie" discovers that the body has been moved to the bedroom. (2) "Evelyn" is hit on the head (off-screen) with a candlestick during a struggle with "Katie." (They both fall out of camera frame during the fight, and we don't find out until later which one of them survived.) Her body is shown afterwards hidden in a trunk that Jan opens (though he's distracted before he actually sees the body inside).

Back to the Future Part III (1990) [Clara Clayton]: Falls to her death (off-screen) when her carriage goes into a ravine after the horses are frightened by a rattlesnake; her death is undone when Christopher Lloyd goes back in time and saves her. (Thanks to Tommy)
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