Maud Adams in 'The Kill Reflex'
Maud Adams (1945 - )
The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) [Andrea Anders]: Shot in the chest (off-screen) by Christopher Lee in a crowded sports arena. Her body is shown afterwards when Roger Moore sits beside her and starts talking to her, not immediately realizing that she's dead.

Playing for Time (1980) [Mala]: Executed by hanging in the concentration camp. (Thanks to Pam)

Hell Hunters (1986) [Amanda]: Throat slit by an assassin while she's hiding in a restroom stall. (Thanks to Pam)

Deadly Intent (1988) [Elise Marlowe]: Suffocated after being trapped inside a coffin; we only see the outside of the coffin as the sounds of her struggling gradually stop. (Thanks to Pam)

The Kill Reflex (Soda Cracker) (1989) [Detective Crystal Tarver]: Shot in the stomach during a raid on the bad guys' hideout.

Mission: Impossible: The Plague (1989) [Catherine Balzac]: Burned to death, along with her bodyguard (Gary Day), after a fire breaks out in the laboratory. (Thanks to Dignan)

Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation (1990) [Fima]: Stabbed in the stomach, then set on fire and falls from the roof of the building. (Thanks to Pam)

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