Meagan Good in 'Venom' (2005)
Meagan Good (1981 - )
Hustle and Heat (Ride or Die) (2003) [Fake Venus]: Killed in an explosion set off by Vivica A. Fox. (Thanks to Jean-Claude)

Venom (2005) [Cece]: Throat slit by the zombie Rick Cramer while Meagan is pinned beneath some rubble in the house, as Agnes Bruckner looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Germboygel, David, and Jake)

One Missed Call (2008) [Shelley Baum]: Drowned when a mysterious hand pops out of the pond and pulls her in. (Thanks to Tyler)

Saw V (2008) [Luba]: Stabbed in the neck by Julie Benz, who then uses Meagan's body to get through the electrical trap. (Thanks to Charlie)

The Unborn (2009) [Romy]: Stabbed repeatedly by the possessed Atticus Shaffer. Her body is shown afterwards when Cam Gigandet and Odette Yustman discover Atticus standing over her. (Thanks to Germboygel and Jake)
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